KA-505 Professional Modular Stainless Steel(304) Cage System


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KA-505BK-304 Including (2M+1L)
KA-505M Dimension(cm)    58*75*75
KA-505L Dimension(cm)    115*75*50

KA-505 Professional Modular Stainless Steel(304) Cage System

  • This high-performance cage bank is functional and economical
  • Top 304 Stainless, 16 gauge.
  • Features as high-end cage banks with magnetic latch system
  • One large cage module could be divided into 2 medium cages
  • Reasonable design for easy installation but assembly tightly
  • Various combinations are available for options, for example: 5S+4M+2L, 4M+2L, and 2M+1L
  • Optional 4 casters bottom frame which fits 1 large cage or 2 medium cages

Generally speaking, pet owners will buy a pet cage for the convenience of keeping pets. Pet cages are a type of equipment for holding pets. Common pet cages include wire cages, integral cages, and air boxes. Although pets are uncomfortable in a cage, pet cages also have many benefits. Pet cages can isolate pets, prevent people from being injured, correct pet bad habits, and protect pet safety. The benefits of using a pet cage.


What are the common pet cages?


✔️Steel wire cage


This pet cage is well ventilated but poorly insulated. Most wire cages can be assembled and folded, which is convenient to transport and saves space when not in use. Wire cages are inexpensive and easy to clean, making up most of the current pet cage market.


✔️Integral cage house


What are the pet cages? This sealed pet cage can provide more security for pets, and it is easier to be accepted by pets. The sealed structure can effectively solve the problem of heat preservation, and the ventilation is not bad. Integral cages are often beautiful and won’t conflict with the interior decoration you get for the high price, which is the main reason why many families use such cages.


✔️Air box


Air crates are cages used to transport pets and can also be used if you are a frequent mover. The air box is easy to carry, sturdy, and has good ventilation, which can fully ensure the safety of pets.


What are the benefits of using a pet cage?


✔️Isolate pets


If you have a lot of pets in your home, it may be necessary to isolate them to prevent disease transmission and pet fights. It is also necessary to isolate pets in the home if they are giving birth or have been neutered.


✔️Prevent people from getting hurt


What are the benefits of using a pet cage? When blow-drying pets, you can use small cages to fix pets to prevent scratches by pets. Aggressive pets can be isolated in a pet cage to avoid hurting people.


✔️Correct bad pet habits


Quarantine your pet briefly to correct and improve some of your pet’s bad habits. For example, if there are many pets in the house and the pets have the habit of fighting, the pets that cause trouble can be isolated for a short time to prevent pet injuries. Plus, for pets that are especially noisy at night, owners keep them locked up so they can sleep peacefully.


✔️Keep pets safe


What are the functions of pet cages? When people are not at home, it is very dangerous for pets to eat indiscriminately and bite things that should not be eaten. Don’t assume that putting away food your pets can’t eat and that you’ll be fine without dangerous plants. In the eyes of pets, you can eat more than this. If you eat other bad things, it will endanger the health of pets.

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