Shernbao Super Cyclone Single Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer


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Shernao SHD-2600P Super Cyclone Single Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer


The Super Cyclone from Shernbao gives you 30% more power than the Cyclone, but in the same convenient size! This single motor blaster features an upgraded motor with heating element to blast water and hair away with ease. The heating element aids in fluff drying and adding volume to the coat. Comes with a flexible hose and different nozzles to suit different coat types. The hose is easy to remove with the ‘one-click’ system. The filter is easy to remove, making daily maintenance simple. Don’t let it’s little size fool you, this dryer packs some serious power! Excellent as a back up machine for the busy salon, competition or start up groomers or pet owners who want professional results.

  • Small in size, Big in power!
  • Upgraded single motor.
  • Flexible hose and different nozzles ‘.
  • One click system’ removable hose.
  • Easy to remove filter.
  • Come with three nozzles, a hose and a handle.
Correct Use and Maintenance of Pet Dryers
1. Often clean the filter screen at the back of the machine is necessary. Dry it after cleaning, and check whether it is installed in place before use.
2. Keep the machine body clean and clean the surface dust with a common rag after daily using.
3. After the carbon brush of the dryer is used up, replace the carbon brush in strict accordance with the instructions in the product manual. Because the carbon brush is a consumable item and has a service life. It needs to be replaced from time to time.
The specific duration of using can be consulted with professionals.
4. In addition, it should be noted that with the increase of working time, the wind blown by the dryer will gradually become hot. After a certain period of time, it may be a little hot for pets, so it’s best not to keep the dryer working. After working for a period of time, stop for a period of time and let it cool down. This is also a maintenance measure for pet dryer.

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